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2014 Photographers Meetup – Roscoe, Il


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Another year and another fantastic day hanging out with some of the areas best, newest and just fun to hang around local photographers. Our host as usual is the wonderful Mindy Joy who graciously allows us on to her families property that covers some bazillion acres and even has it’s own creek and covered bridge.

This year was a little smaller of a turnout than the last time I went but it was a great group featuring wedding, sports, nature and family photographers from all over. I wish I could remember everyones name but since I’m horrible at names and remembering them I will not embarrass myself by trying to make a list then to find out later I was super wrong.

I will say that everyone was awesome and it was a blast snagging some candid moments with these fellow photographers. It felt a little Mexican stand-offish with so many people with cameras but at least no one got hurt even though one photographer became a model and jumped into the cold cold creek for everyone to snap some shots of. Thank you Mindy!!!

As the evening wound down the numbers dwindled but the fire stayed bright and the people were inviting so I stayed till the end and enjoyed some brats and Sarah Hoey’s amazing peanut butter cookies! Oh, we also got a little frightened when we heard a whole pac of coyotes howling in the the distance but luckily we had Winston the dog the protect us and his barking scared them off. At least this is the story I’m going with.

It was fantastic meeting and greeting with everyone and I can’t wait for the next one. Mindy you’re a fantastic host and it was a pleasure as always. I hope your toes are much warmer than they were on Sunday and don’t forget to give a hug from all of us to Winston for protecting us from the coyote noises.

Now for some select pics of other photographers doing photographer type things!

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