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Action Packed Weekend – Destiny & Lamel – Rock Cut

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Good day to all of you and I hope you all had a stellar weekend filled with all the awesome you had hoped for because mine was filled to the brim with awesome shoots and fantastic people.

The weather has finally changed from sad to happy here in the midwest and everyone has been taking advantage of some awesome deals I ran on facebook the other day. I entered this weekend with not only 4 shoots but also a wedding consult for 2015 which I booked so high five to Kayley & Chris for making sure they have the photographer they wanted by planing early! Can’t wait to rock the Starline Factory with you two!

One of Sundays family sessions was filled with the utmost cuteness and some stunning images of one of the cutest kids I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Destiny and her father Lamel met me at Rock Cut ready to rock and the day couldn’t have been any better for taking photos. The sun shine was in the perfect spot and the warmth was well received after hibernating all winter.

Lamel and I actually go way back to our old Guilford High School days playing basketball during the summers and hammering away at the controller of our favorite systems back in the late 90s and early 2000s. We’ve always stayed in touch and share the passion for Sunday Night Football so I typically end up at his place and steal all his food while we watch the game and yell at the TV. Now Destiny is definitely a younger and and far cuter version of her dad. This kid is like a mini super model running around posing, smiling and generally pretending to be Dora and exploring everything. If you haven’t noticed she may be a natural in front of the camera and even though her dad just stands there and shakes his head Destiny is all about having a fun time.

We spent a good hour or so roaming the park and snagging the best of the great light we had. I was hoping it would tucker Destiny out a bit but I completely misjudged her energy levels and after the shoot the only one who was tired was me!

Tank you guys for having me capture these special moments and I can’t wait to see Destiny grow up and be just like dad. Sorry Lamel you know you were the same!

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