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Allison + Jon | Aurora, Il Engagement Session

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Have camera will travel is the motto and this time I was teleported to Aurora, Il for an engagement session with the magnificent pair of Allison and Jon.

Nestled just over an hour away Aurora is a simple town with some great locations and even better food and beverage locations. I met up with Allison & Jon at the Two Brothers Roundhouse, yes the Two Brothers brewery Two Brothers, just outside of the main downtown district. This building not only holds a brewery, a cafe and a bunch of tasty noms but it also contains an amazing partially circular wedding venue and it looks to be pretty much epic so I can’t wait for next May to come back and make some magic happen once again.

We started our adventure on foot roaming the Metra tracks and found ourselves under a half mile or so of gorgeous stone pillars, streets and rubble. Mind kind of place so we make quick use of the great lighting that btw took 4 total dates to get. Yes… I don’t just shoot these session willie nilly and we were rained and temperatured, yup not a word, out 3 times before we struck gold on this beautiful 71 degree and sunny day. Abusing the amazing day we walked, and walked and walked to the point where my phone let me know I broke my 10,000 step goal for the day and I hadn’t walked at all until that point.

From awesome spot to awesome spot we kept chugging on and basically I just abused the fact that Allison & Jon love each other so much that they actually look amazing just hanging and I just have to click the button. Thanks you two!!! lol

Eventually the sun was setting and even though some clouds came in so I couldn’t get an epic sunset type shot I did plan for one contingency shot just in case. In every shoot I do I try and force myself to focus on creating one or two new poses or at least trying one new technique that I haven’t done. This shoot I decided to hunker down, stay steady and capture these two loving each others company while the train rolled by. Thankfully math was on my side and it worked out amazingly and I can give myself a gold star for my first attempt! Yay!

Well, enough verbiage I know you’re itching to see pics so have fun viewing and if you’re in need of a photographer I may know someone!

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