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An Awesome Family Session at Baumann Park – Cherry Valley, Il

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Another action packed weekend which had me shooting a double with the finish of my day being this crazy awesome family session at Baumann Park in Cherry Valley.

I’d like to introduce Alyssa, Miguel and their little nugget Ava. Yuppers, pretty much the cutest family ever and I know you’re wishing your kid was as cool as Ava but it won’t happen. Just kidding, all kids are awesome and of equal coolness but you have to admit that this munchkin is super cute but it helps having super cute parents. Now some of you may recognize Alyssa because she too is a kick booty photographer and you’re welcome to check out her goodness on her site so do that now and come back when you’re done.

Welcome back and thanks for continuing to read the long drawn out words I tend to type up about my awesome subjects I get to point cameras at. So Saturday was a gorgeous day for photos with a perfect mix of clouds and sunshine. Us photographer type people enjoy partially cloudy days as it gives us a little softer light to work with.

We wandered around the park for a while making sure to get every single happy photo of Ava as well a few key photos of Alyssa and Miguel looking gorgeous together. That last one was the easy part since children are either in amazement of a strange dude with a camera or in complete terror which Ava was the later and not having anything to do with me for the first 20-30 minutes. She did finally break her game face and gave us laughter and smiles so thankfully G-Ma and G-Pa where there for the added coaxing of baby smiles.

In all another successful day and another wonderful family to work with. Thank you Alyssa for letting me point my camera at you and your awesome family. Now for everyone still reading go look at the pics!

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