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Annie + Brandon | Rockford Engagement

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Spring may be in the air but I feel that love is somewhat over powering mother nature when it comes to Anne and Brandon during their engagement session the other day. I had an awesome time chasing these two around and even had two firsts as a local photographer. I not only got to shoot inside of the Nicholas Conservatory but I also shot for the first time over at the par across the street from Sinnissippi gardens.

So I met our two love birds and immediately noticed they were not camera shy what-so-ever. We jumped right in with comfortable happy expressions and plenty of PDA in front of all the children walking around. Sorry kids but you have to learn this at some point and we brought in a pair of experts.

Our adventure took us across the street to the other Sinnissipi park where we got to play with Dixie Lou who was as photogenic as their family. I love when I get put into situations where I have no idea where I’m ending up because it means I get to focus more on technique and getting the expressions I need so in the instance where I’m in a place not so beautiful as the couple I know I can make anything happen when I rely on my photographer eye. Shhhh… don’t tell anyone we have this ability. If they knew that we wouldn’t get away with suggesting places that look amazing too.

We wandered around a bit, snagged some awesome photos and enjoyed a fun afternoon together. All in all I have to say I’m incredibly happy I was chosen by these two and I can’t wait for the wedding day later this year!

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