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Audio Abduction @ Penny Rose Pub – Barrington, Il

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My ears are still ringing from the epic show put on by the young wonders of Audio Abduction at the Penny Road Pub last night. This group of Ska+Punk+Rock hybrid rockers put on quite the show last night and it far exceeded what I could have imagined.

A few days ago I had lunch with the guitarists sister, who I’ve been friends with for quite some time, and over a fine dish of Noodles & Co. Japanese Udon I was treated to the information that her brother was playing this weekend at a neat pub near Chicago. Of course being my photographer self I was like, “so does the band have a photographer?” Her eye lit up when she asked if I’d go to the show so of course I had to say yes. Mind you I don’t photograph live shows and this would technically be my first time actually bringing gear with the intent to photograph a show soooooo yeah this was a totally new experience for me.

Live music photography is in a world of it’s own and definitely a difficult trade to master. Between the horrid lighting, cramped spaces and that loudness that sometimes causes the body to lose it’s balance the conditions are not the best for a photographer with camera gear strapped to his or her body to do their thing. Once I walked in to the location I realized quickly that the lighting challenge was going to be on high since the main light on the band was the color red… grrrrr. If you’ve never photographed something with extreme red lighting then let me tell you that you should stay away from it at all costs. Camera sensors use an RGB pattern but that pattern uses half as many red pixels so extreme red tends to blow out and never come back so it tends to end up a pile or red mush. Since I’m not a band photographer I had a hard time getting the setting right to counter this but ended up just severely underexposing the images and bringing them back in post production while doing some other magic to remove the heavy red tones. The two images of the gear on the ground of the stage is how red it truly was without manipulating it out in case you’re wondering.

Ok enough math talk let’s chat about Audio Abduction and how these kids rock. Did I say kids? I did indeed but they don’t play like a group of teenagers let me tell you. Their sound is loud and epic and they put on a fantastic show full of ariel acrobatics and plenty of insatiable jamming and rocking out. The crazy hair and stylish wardrobe add to the total effect plus it helps that they play dang well. I would honestly listen to this group and even though I’m no music aficionado I can say with great confidence that they rock so if they are playing in a venue near you get yourself a ticket and enjoy the show.

Enough words I know you want to see pics so if your see nothing below then it never happened.

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