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Baby Haylee Turns One | Rock Cut State Park

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Has it really been a year since little Haylee was just crawling, making funny noises and pooping everywhere? That last part probably hasn’t changed but was has changed is this little princess is getting big and today we wandered around Rock Cut taking some fun photos.

Haylee is the offspring of one of my favorite people, Kayla, and you can obviously tell that since Haylee is the most beautiful baby girl in these pics that Mom must also be the same and it’s true. We have been trying to make this shoot happen for a bit but schedules and conflicts and even weather had been a bit of snag in the planning stages. Thankfully the weather was gorgeous, mom had her schedule wide open and Haylee was ready for pics.

I was also using the new Nikon 135mm f2 DC for most of the portrait shots which has some ridiculously beautiful bokeh and I’m definitely hooked on phonics on this lens. Well enough of this text stuff let’s take a look at some super cute photos of Haylee!

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