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Baby Joey and His First Year

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Such a beautiful weekend jam packed with amazing shoots with some fantastic people including little Joey right here. We started his shoot a couple weeks back but because of the chilly weather little man couldn’t be out in the cold long enough to get his individual pics so we made it work today and boy did it work.

Joey is literally the perfect model. He doesn’t cry, hardly ever gets cranky and just enjoys the world around him wherever he goes. His mom mentioned that this was his first real time walking around outside and you could tell cause he would pick up everything and just analyze it. I believe he was learning from his surroundings but maybe he was just inspecting the deliciousness of anything he could put his hands on.

The sun was in the perfect spot for my favorite little woodsy backdrop which is actually the theme for Joey’s first birthday party so I hope it works out for his invites. We rocked this session without a hiccup cause little man was on fire giving me poses left and right while I just made sure to keep the camera on him and mom made sure he had something to nibble on every once in a while that wasn’t a stray leaf.

There isn’t much I can say besides Joe & Annie made the perfect little guy and I can’t wait to watch him grow up and be a little dude.

Let’s check out the pics!

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