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Bygone Brand – St Luis

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Welcome again to the awesome that is Bygone Brand and their epic shirts, this time featuring the grand city of St Luis.

I have had nothing but great times working with Keith and Amy from Bygone Brand and of course all the amazing models we’ve had. The brand is growing and just this weekend they launched their line of St Luis tees featuring lone gone loves like Noah’s Ark and the Forest Park Highlands.

The shirts as per usual are amazing and I can’t believe the great quality these guys keep coming up with. My job gets easier when the shirts look amazing without any help but thankfully I get the added help of awesome looking models. Mad shout out to the team in front of the camera Callie, Mallary, Patrick and Zach. You four did a fantastic job and without you I’d be hanging shirts on my car or a tree.

It’s time to get back to more work but don’t forget to snag a few shirts from Bygone and to check out the pics below!

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