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Cassie + Steve | St Charles Engagement Session

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The motto, “have camera will travel” took me an hour or so away from Rockford to the fine city of St Charles for a grand engagement session featuring a very awesome couple.

Potawatomi park isn’t the biggest park, or the coolest park, or the bestest park, but it’s gorgeous and has endless photographic possibilities and as an added bonus our couple, Cassie & Steve, will be getting married here in July! It was a beautiful day with the perfect temperature to keep this photographer and his couple glisten free. I had a hand in capturing these moments from the man himself, Shadwick Bowser, who not only made it easier for me to make this happen but also tossed some ideas out and held heavy things. Props to you sir!

We spent the better part of over 2 hours wandering the park as well as the outskirt of downtown St Charles snagging an endless amount of images along the way. Since the light was basically perfect my job really focused on getting the interaction between the two lovebirds going. Sadly again these two are madly in love so basically I just clicked buttons and chatted up a storm the entire time giving them a little feedback here and there. You guys are awesome btw! Mostly Cassie, but Steve you come in a close second.

It didn’t take long for the sun to set and the day to wind down so we finished the shoot off with some fancy off camera light work to get that golden glow of the setting sun to truly come out.

I can’t wait for July and thank you Cassie & Steve for letting me capture all these timeless moments as we wandered aimlessly through the city. Be ready for even more action packed photography you two. Now it’s time to quit with the writing and get to meat and potatoes. I supposed photos are meat and potatoes… not as tasty though.

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