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Christen + Caleb – Sinnissippi Park Engagement Session

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I think we are starting to have a theme here on the blog already and it all has to do with the beautiful snow that Rockford has been seeing this winter.

Christen and Caleb are a young pretty much awesome couple that love to smile. The entire time we were wondering around in the large snow banks to get from spot to spot there was laughter and smiling. Heck, I think I was smiling just as much if not more than these guys and I didn’t have a camera pointed at me… well not that I knew of anyhow. With the skaters playing hockey on the ice we carefully made our way around the area snagging cute photo after cute photo.

Eventually the cold snowy day had to end just like the shoot so we began walking back through the mountains of snow back to our cars. It was a pretty awesome day and I can’t wait for your wedding you two. Keep smiling and Caleb you stay out of trouble.

Alright so pics or it didn’t happen.

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