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Coming Soon… Art Scene 2014: Inking Stage

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I hope you left your calendars open because Rockford’s citywide art show, Art Scene, is just around the corner and there is so much awesome to see.

We are officially 2 weeks away from my favorite series of art shows in town and I hope I will get the chance to meet many of you there. Today I spent a few hours with Brett Feidler, his daughter Hailey and the crew from Studio 451 doing some behind the scenes photography as well as some behind the scenes work. North Main Studios will be the location of Inking Stage which is a collaboration of at least a dozen different artists bringing art work that is well… in it’s primal form. Those sketches and napkin art that many artists start with before moving on to the real deal will be shown here. From pen to pencil there will be an assortment of awesome things to see. I’ve personally never seen or heard of anything like this so I’m definitely going to be here for this.

My true intention besides snagging some back stage photos was to actually put on the gloves and get dirty. Yes I actually put the camera down, grabbed paint scrappers and paint brushes and helped beautify the place up a bit before artists start to come in and hang work next week. I did get to see some of the work in advance and am going to share some of it with you below just to give you an idea of what is in store for everyone.

If you’re coming to check out this show make sure you bring money cause I believe everything is for sale and also make sure you’re ready to hit a bunch of awesome art shows. This is only one of many so find a flyer somewhere in town or check out the Art Council website for more info.

Check out these behind the scenes images and don’t forget to block off Friday April 11th and Saturday April 12th for some awesome art.

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