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Friday Night Art Show Bonanza – Downtown Rockford, Il

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It’s Friday night and I hope you’re doing something excellent in Rockford, Illinois. I spent my evening hanging out with good friends and snagging some images from two different shows with one of those shows featuring a live band. Action packed fun type goodness!

The first art show was at Kryptonite and will be up all month as long as he doesn’t sell everything featuring my good buddy Jon Candiotta. Master of mixed media and generous amounts of bearded goodness Jon is a talent and a great friend. If you love art that is off the wall and you want that on your wall than this guy is your guy.

Now not only did I have the enjoyment of looking at great art but we were all serenaded by the lovely voice of Nickee Aldana of the Firelight Dimmers. A local lounge group that melts your heart with her gorgeous looks and temptress vocals. I suppose the rest of the band is awesome too. Dave, who is the keyboardist, was a groom of mine many moons ago and a good buddy so it was extra special seeing this guy tonight hammering away at those black and white keys.

I was hanging out with Luis Hermosillo who is a local photographic talent and generally good looking dude with a camera. It was fun shooting with him and enjoying the art and the music. You still have time to check it out but I believe the Firelight Dimmers are only playing till about 9pm, but I could be very wrong.

Next on the mission for the evening was stopping by State of the Art and checking out some more art and sounds from local photographer and temptress Mindy Joy. She is an awesome photographer, artist and today I learned she is also a piano player. I’m going to start suggesting to brides that if they need a pianist at their wedding to call you up Mindy. If I had the money I would hang a couple of her pieces in the house buuuuuuuut I’ll need a few more weddings to make that kind of expense happen. Mindy paint me something tiny and affordable!

All in all it was an awesome evening and I’m glad we have such a great art scene and local community. Next time I just have to remember to bring more money cause I only went home with a few pieces to hang up.

Now for your enjoyment we have some images from the evening.

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