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Gubernat Family | Bartlett, Il Family Session

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Have camera will travel has always been my motto and since I believe in traveling my car took me and my camera to Bartlett, Il for a fantastic little family session.

Meet Peter Gubernat and his family. Why am I mentioning him by name? Peter is an epic photographer that I look up to and have been chatting with forever about the industry and what makes photos rock. I want you all to take some time hit up his site right now at

I hit the road on this gorgeous day a week or so ago with a little bit of palm sweat from the nerves and a little confidence since it’s a photoshoot and that’s what I do. When I arrived I was welcomed to open arms by Peter and his entire family. Everyone was super cheerful that a random dude with a camera was in their home. I guess it goes along with the territory when your husband/father runs around with a camera all the time and won’t leave you alone.

We got to a slow start but made headway once we hit the amazing little park in town. Tall grass, water and sunshine!!! I couldn’t have asked for a cooler spot to chase a family around with my camera. I think the only downfall was the wind which was a bit cool so we couldn’t let the little peanut out so there is another calendar date for a shoot in the warmer months.

Thank you so much for letting me in to your home and not trying to beat me with a baseball bat. Lunch was amazing and I will back!!! Now let’s stare at some pics.

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