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Heather + Dan – Rockford, Il Engagement

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Action packed weekend number 2 in a row ended with a super sweet couple having their engagement session in good ole Rock Cut in Rockford Illinois.

Heather and Dan were amazing to work with and it was instant awesome after I asked them how they felt about PDA in public and Heather responds with something about asking me before the shoot if they could do some nakie stuff for it. With a smile on my face and the ground rules set I made sure we would have an epic time out at the park on a sunshiny day.

We started off near the concession stand utilizing some of the dock and boat features which makes some simple ease to get the shoot going. I try not to be overly complicated in the beginning because I feel it’s easier to warm up to the harder stuff than spray and pray. The little splashes of color helped a lot since we don’t have much green if any at all just yet, but for me the bare trees and sunshine just make our couple stand out more.

We walked for a few miles through the park stopping here and there for some images before we made the trek back to the vehicles. After an outfit change we made our way to the tall pine tree grove buried in the park and had a little more intimate shots with a some more difficult poses. These two were champs and rocked everything with ease so my job was super easy! I also didn’t mind the fact that they were hilarious and I was smiling the entire time. Maybe a bit sweaty from lugging the gear around but I wasn’t complaining since I’d prefer sweat than icicles growing off me.

Go away winter!

Well that is enough words so take a look at all the fun pics and stay tuned for more from this photographer and his camera.

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