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Jasmin + Eddie | Anderson Japanese Garden Wedding

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Imminent thunderstorms, intense heat levels and an incredibly awesome couple topped off my wedding weekend at Anderson Japanese Gardens here in Rockford, Illinois.

Sure the heat was turned up to a crispy 89 and the sun was beating down but that doesn’t stop this photographer from getting the images his clients deserve. I will jog, hop over stuff and do cartwheels for the perfect pictures on wedding day so please stand back because I’m also very clumsy and you could hurt yourself while I attempt to apparently hurt myself.

Anderson Gardens is a beautiful backdrop for anyone looking for an outdoor wedding. From waterfalls, to water features and incredibly manicured landscaping they do a fantastic job making this place beautiful year long. This amazing backdrop was perfect for Eddie & Jasmin’s ninja filled wedding. Well, they had one ninja and I hope that I get to rock his wedding one day cause I can only imagine what a best man willing to dress up as a ninja would do given the opportunity to plan his own right of passage.

It was a short day for me, about 4 hours of coverage with no need for any reception pics so I was entirely focused on the ceremony and formal photos. Our ceremony was near the back end of the gardens where the 25 or so guests had the gorgeous view of our couple and the majestic sounds and sight of a beautiful waterfall tucked behind the trees. After a quick ceremony it was off to family formals and the ever so awesome couples photos! We wandered the park and snagged up as many sites as we could while snapping away and getting some great photos of this loving pair.

In all we missed out completely on the rain and thunderstorms, the heat levels dropped quite a bit and we got some killer images! Thank you Eddie and Jasmin for having me at your wedding and I hope you two enjoy endless hours of ninjas and video gaming.

Picture time!

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