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Jen + Kane | Illinois Winter Enagement

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Winter is such a gorgeous time of the year here in the Illinois with all the mountains of fluffy white snow making such a beautiful backdrop for portrait sessions and even weddings for those bold enough. Today I met with Jen and Kane for a short walk through the park and some barn hopping for pics so stay awhile as we go on this winter fun shoot.

We started out at Blackhawk Springs Nature Preserve roaming around the very slippery but extremely pretty surroundings. Lots of nature in every direction but I picked a specific path that leads us right up to the frozen waters of the Kishwaukee river and the entire way Kane helped Jen make it through all the fun icy trials. Yes I know they are called trails but they were more tests of how good your winter boots were and in this case Kane’s actual winter boots trumped the style and fashion of UGZ but only by a fraction. Sorry Jen 🙂

We made it to our destination in one piece and enjoyed the frigid temps by moving at a quick pace through some poses, plenty of smiles and a whole lot of hugging for warmth. Sadly I was the only one without hugs but I had work to do and some hot hands in my pockets kept me in decent shape.

We trekked out of the park and did some country barn shooting, with a camera of course, to get those final slightly warmer looking winter pics. This time the walks were slightly less treacherous but the smiles were definitely hiding behind some frozen cheeks. Thankfully Jen shared her blanket with Kane while he shared plenty of warm embraces. In all it was a fantastic time and glad to have suffered through the cold to capture these awesome pics.

Thank you Jen and Kane and I can’t wait for your wedding day. I’m not saying that just because it’ll be slightly warm out but because I know we will share even more amazing images on a warmer day.

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