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Jenni + Tyler + Baby Zoe + Number Two – Byron Baby Session

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I’ve been hanging around the Spain family since Jenni And Tyler had their wedding here in good ole Rockford back in 2012.

Watching the family grow has been an amazing adventure for me since I’m not typically a baby photographer but I do make the exception from time to time. Now if you see these and think, “hey I should totally get Chris to photograph my baby,” then you are my worst nightmare. Don’t get me wrong I love kids but I’m also a total child noob so when it comes to parental instinct as soon as a child starts crying I want to cry. Now let’s focus on Jenni and Tyler’s little munchkin Zoe. This little girl is the perfect child subject for a photographer because not only does she smile all the time and can stay focused on the shoot but she never ever sheds a tear during a shoot. I’ll continue to photograph all of the Spain children cause I think it’s in their DNA to be awesome photography models. Now once kids can sit up or walk I am totally in for a shoot regardless of the circumstance and I may break my mental block once I have one of my own which I hope comes pre loaded with a beard and photography talent.

Now the theme of winter was taken out of this since we aren’t evil and didn’t make Zoe stand out in the cold to pose for her pics so we switched it up and just took some cute family pics of everyone together inside the warm walls of their home. Such a great time and with an extra special surprise involving a certain second bun in the oven. I’m going to keep things secret till the next blog post but man does Tyler look great in his pregnancy pose.

Alright so if there aren’t any pics this didn’t happen so here goes.

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