SIMPLYPHOTO » Rockford Wedding Photography by Chris Warkocki

Karley + Joe | Rock Cut Engagement

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One day two engagement sessions and at complete opposite ends of the city all because I love my couples including the amazing Karley and Joe. Welcome to spring and welcome to Rock Cut home of trees, water and wooden structures.

Shameless plug here for Joe seeing as his family runs Nunzios, a fantastic family style Italian Restaurant, I want all my readers to head out there this month and grab some pasta and fill your bellies. I’m heading up there soon myself so you may see me finishing off a plate of something incredible.

So I met Karley and Joe deep in the forest and the entire time we chatted, laughed and enjoyed an amazing day to be out and about in the wilderness. The sky was perfect, the breeze was nice and the magic between these two was on point. You two definitely made my job easy by smiling and enjoying yourselves while I hid behind trees snagging images left and right.

Not sure how many I took this outing but I had a hard time weeding it down to the best because there were honestly so many great shots of these two interacting.

I definitely can’t wait to chase these two come wedding day. Now go through all the pics and see what true love is because it’ll get you in each and every image.

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