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Lena + Ben | Rockford, Il Wedding

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We asked, we begged, we pleaded with mother nature for summer and it finally came to Rockford in a big way for Lena & Ben’s wedding.

Sure the temperature was a bit toasty but at least the sun was shining, the birds were chirping and these two were going to get married. Teamed up with me was Luis Hermosillo from Luis Hermosillo Photography rocking the second angle all day and thanks to this man we made it an epic day of fantastic images. I can’t say enough about this guy since he pretty much rocks with a camera and he is super nice, but not as nice as our bride.

Lena and I have been friends for like ever and of course when it came to picking out who would be photographing her wedding she came asking away and I quickly agreed to be by her side on her special day. Ben on the other hand… he is alright I suppose. Just kidding! Ben you’re awesome and I’m glad you’re the one whisking her away into the land of marriage. These two truly shine together and even though they are slightly opposite I think it works out for the best.

We started rocking the day snagging pics of the ladies getting all dolled up while the guys were basically enjoying cocktails and waiting for the 11 minutes they need to get ready. Yes, it’s true, guys only need 11 minutes to get ready while ladies need about an hour or two each. Go men! Lean and Ben opted for a first look which makes my life soooooo much easier as well as theirs. We made it to the park, rocked everything including the family pics and had about an hour of relaxation time for them to cool down and enjoy some time with their bridal party. Btw, the myth about the it being bad luck is that… a myth so pretty please brides if you’re wanting the bestest timeline ever do what these two did right here.

The day went by so smooth and we had more than enough time to snag tons of beautiful images of these two. We even had the chance to break loose and enjoy the dance floor with everyone, which doesn’t happen often for me. In all it was a great day with a perfect couple and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you Lena and Ben for having me at your wedding and I can’t wait till you upgrade the puppies you have to tiny humans!

Now let’s see some pics!!!

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