SIMPLYPHOTO » Rockford Wedding Photography by Chris Warkocki

Lori + Matt | Downtown Rockford, Il Engagement

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Bright sunshiny evening in Downtown Rockford with our couple Lori & Matt and the weather itself is basically perfect. You couldn’t ask for a nicer evening if you tried and even if it happens I’m still going to say this was better since Lori & Matt were such a great couple to work with.

We began our adventure right behind the Discovery Center/Burpee Museum on the “bridge to nowhere” as it’s lovingly called. It’s actually a beautiful bridge and very unique it just leads from the back of one building and ends at the rear of yet another building without crossing anything. Besides the strangeness of the bridge we had an awesome couple in Lori and Matt who brought their little fluff ball Khloe for a few photos. A super cute doggie indeed and I’m still working on getting our little pup to walk the rings down the aisle. Lori you will cave in to me!!!

After a quick shoot on the bridge we moved all around downtown focusing on some of the spots that we could use for their wedding since it will be held at the most awesome downtown venue in Rockford. Of course we are talking about the Prairie Street Brewhouse in all of its majestic glory. From the amazing brick work to the exposed iron and brilliant scenery on it’s dock. I know it will only be better once it comes to our couples wedding because it’s in 2015 and it seems like every year the crew at PSB keep refining the building and bringing us photographers more to work with.

We strolled the streets with plenty of smiles and laughter to keep the spirits high. The sun definitely played in our favor as we made our way back to the brewhouse on our intrepid journey.

In the end we had an amazing time and the pictures turned out beyond my own expectations. A shout out to Luis Hermosillo for helping out and of course to our amazing couple who looked simply stunning. I can not wait for your wedding you two and I hope you both are ready for tons of pictures!

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