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Meg + Chris | Sunrise Chicago Engagement

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How do you get a photographer who doesn’t like the big city in to Chicago for an engagement session??? Get him up at 3am so he can drive in for sunrise on the beach!

An early start for a couple I found out had never been to a sunrise on the beach in their own city!! Life moment checked off plus we snagged some AMAZING imagery from the experience so a super win.

We wandered the beach about 20 minutes before the sun even thought of peaking over the horizon and in that time we snapped away, chatted, laughed and enjoyed the cool morning air together. As the sun began to rise we walked quite a way in hopes that we could shake off some of the awkwardness that many couples have in that first 20-30 minutes. Quickly everything just “clicked” and we went from 0-60 in no time flat.

The sun finally rose into it’s optimal position and this is when Meg & Chris truly started connecting with each other and the best of the photos came together. Warm orange glow of the sun over the lake was so beautiful that I became a landscape photographer so some strange reason but it was totally worth it.

Smiles, laughter and sunrise… the perfect morning with an amazing couple! Can’t wait to see you two next year and remember to keep smiling and hugging and using all those great poses we left you with so you look GQ all over the big city.

Now for the pics!!!

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