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Megan + Brian | Starved Rock State Park Engagement Session

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Team Chris & Luis headed south to Oglesby, Il in search of beauty and wonderment in gorgeous Starved Rock State Park and I believe we found it and their names were Megan & Brian.

So I decided to call up my brother in camera arms Luis Hermosillo of Luis Hermosillo Photography to come help me out and rock this awesome engagement session and I totally think we knocked it out of the park. Now most of the awesomeness came from our couple because just look at these two love birds. Every single time you had them look at each other it was ear to ear smiles and laughter so basically I could have set the camera down and it could have done this without me behind it.

If you’ve never been to Starved Rock you should totally make the adventure down and see the awesome sites such as the waterfalls, trees and general foresty beauty that this place has to offer. I’ve done a couple other engagement sessions here in the past so my mind set was to go a direction I’ve never gone and just shoot from the hip and use the lighting to my advantage. Btw, the light… so good!

We wandered the park for a coupe hours and with us the entire way was Mr. Isaac the most awesome puppy dog at the park. Not only did Isaac become a great model but an inspiration to all dogs who go to the park cause this guy walked the entire way, made no messes and was friendly to everyone. Thank you Isaac for being an epic puppy! Our day ended quickly and it was time to depart but we left with amazing images and the trio of Megan, Brian and Isaac did a fantastic job putting up with my randomness.

Thank you so much for having us meet you at this beautiful place and sharing those laughs together. I can’t wait for the wedding and neither can Luis! Ok, enough of the wordy words let’s see some pics.

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