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Nga + Paul | Rock Cut State Park Maternity

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Maternity sessions, spring time, babies, Rock Cut State Park… yup that’s about how my weekend was summed up and it was totally awesome!

Nga & Paul are good friends and past clients from ages ago when I first started rocking weddings and the like. It was maybe 3 or 4 years ago since I had the awesome opportunity to photograph their two day wedding bonanza. Now it wasn’t just two days it was two different weddings in one awesome weekend. How? Why? Huh? Nga and Paul celebrated two traditional weddings on of the Thai tradition and one of the Vietnamese tradition. It was a spectacular event with tons of great moments and plenty of laying down on my part the entire week following. I was a bit tired to say the least 🙂

Let’s fast forward a bit and now we have a couple that have been together for basically forever and they are all finished with schooling and are settled into some sweet jobs. So what’s next? Family time! These two have been bugged since wedding day to have about 10-20 kids and even I’ve hounded them because the expression Nga makes when you bug her about babies is hilarious.

Since I’ve photographed every important part of their life it was a natural fit to come hunt me down for some maternity pics. Thankfully I have a few cameras and I love an excuse to go outside and take some pictures of happy people. We started out nice and easy and eventually just wandered around the park aimlessly taking cute photos of these two. This is no easy task because even though they are a darn good looking couple trying to get Paul to smile for me is like winning the lotto and not just like $20. Thankfully Nga made sure to bring her A game and her hubby to smile for me a few times. Paul I love ya but you do know we have at least 100 more shoots to do so I’m going to break you down one time and you’re going to smile all the time!!!

I’m excited as ever to see little Aaden who is about 8 weeks away from opening his little eyes and seeing the world for the first time. Sadly his first encounters will involve me pointing a camera at him which also involves mom and DAD (Paul!!!!) so hopefully by the time he is in his teens those awkward photoshoots will all be in the past.

Congrats you two and thank you so much for always having me around when those important moments happen. I’ll start cleaning and readying my gear for your peanuts entrance.

Now for some pics!

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