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Part One… Bygone Brand – Rockford, Il

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Hello all you awesome readers out there in the Rockford and surrounding areas. If you’ve been coming to the blog you know that I tend to photograph people and by people I mean brides, grooms, high schoolers and the general population. Today I teamed up with another great local photographer, Luis Hermosillo, and rocked out part one of our two part adventure.

If you’ve never heard of Bygone Brand Tees you should take this moment to head over to their website and check out their awesome tees. The basic story behind this great brand is they find all the great logos from bygone companies and bring their logos to life for this generation. I’m a huge fan of two tees in particular here since I remember them from my own early Rockfordian days. The Pink Pony and the Game Factory are two places I remember just a tiny bit from my childhood. I might be wrong here but I believe the sign for the Pink Pony might even be up and stanign in it’s old location on Alpine and Charles.

Bygone Brand doesn’t just bring back the past from Rockford alone but have also spread out and recently launched a Madison line of tees! From chatting with Keith and his wife I know other locations are on the way so check the site often and I totally recommend sending the husband and wife team an email and recommend some locations in your town you’d like to see come back and maybe one day you’ll be wearing a long gone brand on your shoulders.

Shout out to Toad Hall for letting us play in their shop all day and providing us the warmth needed to make this all happen. You’re kind of awesome guys and can’t thank you all enough for supporting us. Last but not least I’d like to thank our models Callie Houser, Todd Tubbs, Steven Drinkard and Joseph Goral for dedicating a few hours out of their day to make this all happen. Hugs!

I’m only going to share a few images here in order to keep the suspense high so check these out for now and stay tuned for part two!

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