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Part Two… Bygone Brand – Rockford, Il

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Well hello again all you wonderful people who come and check out my wonderful blog, thanks for stopping by. I know you’ve been here for every article so hopefully you didn’t miss Part One of this epic little shoot featuring some sweet threads by the local Rockford design company Bygone Brand. I’m not going to write as many words as last time since we’ve already given every the background but I will make some shout outs to the models and of course our behind the scenes crew.

If you haven’t guessed that goofy guy with the epic beard, gorgeous looking camera, and arrows pointing directly towards at him is… well, me. I finally made it in a picture and I even posted it on the blog… Not sure what I was thinking because I’m no model, but hey I had a great time with some amazing people so why not ham it up with everyone.

Shout out to all the awesome people starting left to right we have Mallory Reagan, Patrick Stoner, Callie Hauser, Brittany Ray, and Leonidas Perera. You guys rocked this shoot and our main man Keith from Bygone Brand loves the pics so it looks like we did alright for a rag tag group of misfits… wait… is that from a cartoon or something? Our ninja behind the scenes taking coats, hats and the sexy photo of all us was Mr. Shadwick Bowser who if you haven’t noticed has accompanied me on a few shoots mostly because he’s awesome and because we like the same foods. After two days of shooting and multiple locations I believe we handed over a little over 250 final images so hopefully they can pick just one to make the ad campaign happen.

If you haven’t been to the website to check out the shirts then head over to Bygone Brand right now and order yourself a little bit local history.

Thank you all for checking out the blog and make sure to look below where I will drop in some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

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