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Raychelle & Devin | Second Shooting with Luis Hermosillo

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This wedding was from some time ago but I always wait so Luis Hermosillo can post all his goodness and then I can sneak in a few photos for you to see from Raychelle & Devin’s wedding. Btw, Check out the entire set over on his blog at

This wedding was adventure-tastic filled with uber awesome locations from downtown city streets, to train stations to a mansion! Pretty much envious of this wedding as the two lovebirds of Raychelle & Devin made an amazing party for their friends and family to enjoy.

The weather was fantastic, the sun was shinning, the group was smiling and as usual Luis put me to work with the guys making sure they had ample awesome photos of themselves which I’m totally cool with. We wandered the city streets for some time and eventually we made a switcheroo and I kidnapped the whole group for some more downtown exploration. Sure my feet hurt a little after a while but it was totally worth checking out all the beautiful areas and getting some amazing photos of this group.

The reception at the Mansion was amazing and not just because of it’s beauty but also the design and time these two put in to make it look perfect. Stunning elegance at it’s best. The other perk of the mansion was the great backdrop for photos beyond belief so let’s just say the two of us went camera happy.

In all another successful day and thank you Luis for trusting my camera to capture the other half of the wedding day. We kind of rock. Now let’s look at some pics!

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