SIMPLYPHOTO » Rockford Wedding Photography by Chris Warkocki

rd Artistry – Downtown Rockford, il

IMG_001Pin ITSometimes this job is far too giving when myself, a single male photographer, gets to spend an entire Saturday afternoon with 11 gorgeous ladies in downtown Rockford. Blog readers please meet the ladies of rd Artistry in all their awesomeness.

These ladies are the epic team behind some of the best spray tans you’re going to get in the area. Each and every person is trained and ready to get you’re golden sunless tan to it maximum. Now as a bonus they do this out of LA Tan here is town so if you’re in need of some color and don’t want the negatives that the natural sun gets like leather skin then make a call now and set something up.

This shoot was a bit more involved than your typical 11 lady session in that we had hair and makeup provided by the team of rd Artistry as well. Rachel flew in from California the night before and started super early getting everyones face perfect while the hair crew working diligently to make every individual hair fall into the right place and stay that way all day.

It honestly felt more like a wedding than a regular shoot and from the tornado of a mess left in the aftermath it looks like 400 people from the reception trampled through the work zone. Since I’m a wedding photographer I typically get stuck working amongst the ladies so I was doing fairly well but thankfully Stephanie’s little doggy JP was there to keep me company. Pretty much the cutest dog ever besides my own so I couldn’t help but make sure to snag a while lot of photos of him.

Once we made it downtown it was a rush to make sure we snagged a whole lot of awesome pics before everyone had to head out. We started right next to Carlyle and worked out way all the way to Wired Cafe in heels no less. Well, I didn’t have heels but I can only imagine it wasn’t fun.

The shoot took a total of 5 hours and was an amazing time with a whole lot of amazing people.

Thank you Rachel and the team at rd Artistry for always looking at me for pics. I’m pretty sure every photographer in the area is now jealous since I got to spend the day with all your fantastic ladies. Ok, that’s enough words let’s look at some pics!!!

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  • July 12, 2016 - 7:58 pm

    Karissa - Hi,

    Do you guys do make up for weddings? I’m looking to learn more about your services. Do you do hair as well? Do you travel?
    I get married June 10, 2017 at the DC estate winery in south Beloit, IL.