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Rockford, Il – Spring Art Scene 2014

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Well hello there all you readers from the Rockford and surrounding areas. If you didn’t already know it’s Art Scene season which is one of my favorite times of years. Not only is amazing art displayed all over the city but the artists are hanging out talking to the people and yummy treats set up at every location makes for some great appetizers before you hit one of Rockford’s awesome foodie establishments.

This year I had to make a point to see most of my friends work as well get all my sight seeing in on Friday as today I’m booked up solid with shoots before I head off to Wisconsin for the Midwest Gaming Classic. So whom did I all get to see??? I definitely forgot some names and since I’m a horrible reporter I apologize if I miss anyone but here is the list of kick butt artists that entertained and amazed me on Friday!

John Sullivan, Jon Candiotta, Raven Johnson, Brett Fiedler, Sarah Thistle, Joseph Goral, Holly Funke, Branden Pair, Kirk Dyreson, Shadwick Bowser, Carrie Ann Wayman, Jon Rozman, Jeremy Klonicki, Allison Blake, Mario Kayo Martinez, Gary Nauman, Amy Nyberg, Joel Ottman, Nikki Hollander, Dalton Thompkins, Vince Bertilomi, Ron Celvenger and many many more!

Again major apologies if I left anyone out as I’m not a reporter just a photographer who like to write and is forgetful of the fact he has a phone and could have easily written down names.

Now the real awesomeness from the weekend was that not only did I meet the artists and see their work but I went home with 4 pieces! I’m a proud and happy owner of an original John Sullivan and a Raven Johnson piece as well as prints from John Sullivan and Jon Candiota. I’ll be like one proud papa when I hang these up in my office where I work so I can feel inspired while editing your photos.

So while you peek through these images below I want you all to feel inspired enough to put your pants on and head out tonight and check everyone out! I know Art Scene comes twice a year but the art and direction change each and every time so don’t miss out on the opportunity to see some amazing work as well as the chance to chat with the artist. Also you don’t have to buy anything but you totally should because I know you have wall space next to the print of your family you just hung on the wall from our shoot last week.

Go look at these pics and I better hear that you went out of the house to see this amazing collection of awesomeness or else I’ll charge you all double for your future session!

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