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Rocking with Luis Hermosillo: Photographer | Rockford, Il


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This action packed weekend came filled with awesome shoots ended with Sunday featuring back to back engagement sessions and helping out my fellow photographer Luis Hermsillo.

If you don’t know Luis you must have missed a few blog posts but you’re welcome to check him out at Luis Hermosillo: Photographer and then come back to finish the rest of this post. Luis is another awesome photographer working the corners of Rockford, Il like the rest of and his unique style is something that I love to see pop up in my facebook feed. Bright, cheery, happy are the first three words I use to describe how everyone looks that he photographs and that’s how it should be unless of course you’re a funeral photographer then I believe you need a new line of work. Luis isn’t just a great photographer but also a great friend and probably the most enthusiastic guy I know when it comes to rocking the camera. I won’t feel bad if you book him over me and you probably should because he has a family to feed while I just have me and a puppy.

This engagement session featuring Lindsey and Bill was a blast and you should check out what Luis dropped onto his blog right here.

My job was to be the reflector holder dude and to help with anything Luis needed since it’s actually a wedding couple we are rocking together with Luis as the lead and I’m hired in to be the second. Every so often Luis would ask me to snag a few and of course I took my chance to kidnap the rings for a couple sweet photos and I played around with some of the great scenery on their families property.

I think we nailed it and stay tuned for some great wedding photos when these two walk down the aisle! Pics or it didn’t happen.

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