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Sad Day in the Chicagoland Area…

ClosedPin ITI went to bed two days ago with an awesome day planned not only involving hanging out with two other great local photographers but I also had a photo shoot with an old high school friend all lined up right after. Sadly my morning visit to facebook put a slight damper on the day and even though I was able to forget about it I wasn’t able to let go.

From time to time I’d make it a point to stop by a Calumet and look at the goodies I always dreamed of having and on occasion I even walked out with something awesome ready to be put to use on my next assignment. It’s strange thinking that something as simple as walking in to a local camera store can mean so much. Reading the responses from sad, angry and confused fans made me think about our own local shops here in Rockford. Camera Craft and Lundgren’s have been a staple to this city for generations. Competitors at heart but joined by the common need to survive in an era where online shopping and large department stores almost make them feel antiquated. Let’s be honest here, it does feel a little like going back in time when you walk in to a camera store. A speciality store for something besides sports or a the latest trend???

I’ve always supported both companies as best as I could and have spent quite a large sum of my hard earned money being in the photography field on new gear, used gear and the random photo shoot need from them. I know Tom of Camera Craft and Ron of Lundgren’s fairly well and it would definitely pain me to see either place close it’s doors.

I’m not sure what I could do besides give them a little shout out here on the blog and hope that maybe one of you will make it in and buy a filter or even make your next camera purchase there. Let’s keep these brick and mortar stores alive because honestly as much as I love ordering gear in my pajamas I really love to walk in to either place, ask a whole lot of questions, handle the gear and walk out with it knowing that I got some great service in exchange for showering and putting pants on.

Thank you Camera Craft and thank you Lundgren’s for both being there in times I needed last minute purchases and for those big purchases I’ve made. Can’t wait to take my family there when or if I decide to settle down.

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