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Simply Adorable – Little Khaleb – Rockford, Il

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The snow is melting, the sun is shining and the shoots are pouring in now that Rockford is no longer a frozen village. Today I had the pleasure of working with a great family and a super awesome kiddo so I’m a happy photographer right now ready to share some pics!

Khaleb is the creation of two people I know fairly well. Felix and Angelica were a wedding couple of mine a couple years back and since then their family has grown and the need for some more amazing pics has led them back to my camera. Felix and I still grab lunch from time to time and I’ve gotten to see little Khaleb grow from a peanut to a bigger peanut. I’m almost convinced I need a kid but thankfully the lack of a female presence in my life has kept me sane.

I picked a couple locations based on light and lack of snow since we aren’t completely out of the white stuff just yet. Out first stop was the bridge behind the Discovery Center followed by the fun little playground at Martin Park. We worked quickly so little Khaleb wouldn’t get too temperamental with the still just under 40 degree temps. I think the only one who suffered was Angelica who left the house wearing capri yoga pants??? With the team of mom and dad we were able to work quick not too mention Khaleb basically just smiles the entire time and looks like a tiny old person which is the most amazing thing ever.

Eventually it was time to go and thankfully the sun stayed out for the entire time making this shoot a winner. I can’t wait for more sunny days and preferably in the 60+ degree temps. Till next time this is Chris signing off and have yourself an amazing rest of the evening.

There better be pic below this line or this shoot never happened…

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