SIMPLYPHOTO » Rockford Wedding Photography by Chris Warkocki

Simply Amazing Senior – Amanda – Downtown Rockford

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Winter may be a time to relax, stay in doors and occasionally leave the hibernative state, but it can also be a great time to get some high school senior pics in.

Amanda here got a hold of me thanks to Hannah, a fantastic model I’ve worked with as well as an up and coming makeup guru, and we quickly found a date that was only slightly sub zero in temperature. She loved the urban feel so of course we raided the abundance of awesome locations that downtown Rockford has to offer. From the Jefferson Street bridge to the now famous “yellow door” we had plenty to work with and thankfully they were all close in distance so the walking and movement was kept to a minimum.

Thank you Amanda for braving the cold cold world and making for some fantastic pics you’ll be proud to hang on those walls. Well I’m guessing the parents are the ones hanging them and they are your parents so they are already proud of ya soooo… I suppose all I did was have a fun freezing day with you.

Keep being awesome and without pics it never happened so check it.

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