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Simply Delicious – Mary’s Market Rockford, Il

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While photographing this, editing it and now writing about it I’m hungry and it’s all thanks to the Rockford staple Mary’s Market.

I was asked a long while back to fill in for some food shots and because of that fateful shoot I was called in to action to redo nearly every single of marketing photography that was food related. Thanks to the assistance of Shadwick Bowser of ABPro Images we were able to rock out a huge helping of food from the menu all in one 7 hour day. We may have indulged in a few treats here and there and I know these pics looks tasty but they do not come close to the flavor that graced my palette and I can’t wait to go on Mac N Cheese day! Mad shout out to Christopher Holden who is currently the Executive Head Chef who masterminded many of these delectable goodies and helped with a lot of of the styling. Aaaaaaand maybe I should mention Mandolyn as well cause she may have also helped out a tad bit 😉

If you haven’t been following the local news Mary’s Market is under new ownership and are beginning to revamp everything inside and out so stay tuned my friends. After meeting with the team I can tell you that they have an extremely positive crew working hard to bring you new amazing dishes that will keep you coming back for more.

Now for the brides out there I know you have a hard time picking the best food for your wedding and I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Mary’s Market totally rocks weddings! Yes I know! Seriously they have been my favorite wedding caterer since our first wedding we had with them a couple years ago. Great menu, great team and the price is even great. Check out their wedding catering site for info if you’re in need of tasty meals on your wedding day.

Now that I’m hungry why don’t you all stare at these lovely meals and plan your next trip to Mary’s Market! Tell them Simply Photo sent ya and they totally won’t give you anything for that but it’ll make me feel awesome 🙂

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