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Simply Family – Annie + Joe = Baby Joey – Rock Cut State Park

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It’s a super sun shiny day in Rockford today so when the Gorals hit me up for a quick family session I grabbed all my gear and ran out to Rock Cut with the biggest smile on my face.

Even though the weather forecast was for beautiful sunshine it was also only about 30 degrees out so it wasn’t that beautiful spring day you might be thinking it was. I knew we had to work quick cause babies like little Joey don’t like to be cold so I picked a spot that was close to the parking spot and prepared for a nice short day in the park.

We walked through the snowy trails and ended up and one of my favorite little gems in the park which I have cleverly named, “we are no longer in Rockford anymore.” The tall picturesque trees and gleaming rays on sun that flow mysteriously through this part of the park are stunning and such a perfect backdrop for the Goral family. If you haven’t noticed Joe has a magnificent  woodsman beard and baby Joey is a beardsman in training. We hit a few key spots before our little guy was feeling the effect of the chilly, yet sunny day.

Once the weather turns from frost to… well… no frost we will pickup where we left off and rock part two of this family session. Sadly the snow and wetness made it hard to set little man down for those killer kiddo images but next time is soon and I can’t wait to hang with the Gorals some more. Thank you guys for everything and enjoy the rest of your weekend bundled up with little man.

Now let’s check out some more pics!!!

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