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Simply Photo is on Pinterest!

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This actually isn’t anything new because for some time I’ve been closet pinning and embracing the whole idea that I should collect things I like. Basically, if you’re a bride or even a groom (gasp) pin for the obvious reason that you can use this as a way to  gather ideas and see them visually with the intent to apply them to your wedding.

It’s a fantastic idea and if it weren’t for the fact there is a lack of dude things on Pinterest I’d be on there a bit more.

If you’re planning a wedding and would like a little inspiration I’ve been pinning cool ideas that are photographically amazing so feel free to look through some of my ideas and hopefully something in there tickles your fancy. If you happen to include some of these things I’ve pinned on your big day I will probably just show up at your wedding ready to take pictures even though you never hired me. Send me that address via email please 😉

Would you like to find me? Feel free to add me on Pinterest (<— click me) and if you are one of my awesome brides and/or grooms feel free to share me your photo ideas. Yes you heard me correctly. I would enjoy to see your Pinterest photo ideas and with them I hope to figure out what type of photos make you the happiest.

Below is a small collection of my pins so check these out then head on over to my page and have yourself a gander at what else I think is cool enough to make me go to the pink side of things and dig through wedding inspirations.

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