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Simply Photo meets MainfraiM – Rockford, Il

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What do you get when you combine hard work and exploration of flea markets & old buildings with the creative mind that is Jeremy Klonicki??? If you guessed amazing things you’d only be half correct so sit back and be prepared to be amazed.

I know of Jeremy thanks to my good buddies Joe & Annie Goral who run The Sweetery but I never had the chance to sit down with him until the other day. From seeing the work all over town to watching the images pop up all over Facebook land I’ve only known Jeremy through his talents so when I had to opportunity to actually sit down and chat while sipping a beer I knew had to know more. Quickly to Facebook messenger I went and sent an invite to see if he’d allow me the chance to take a look behind the doors of his creation MainfraiM.

Since this article is continuing I’m guessing you’ve realized that he agreed to let me in his place, which could have been bad for him cause I’m quite the needy guest, and that I had a great time chatting and snapping some pics. It was basically letting a kid in a candy store as soon as I turned the corner into the converted art studio/creation station/fortress of awesometude that is MainfraiM. From the crazy tools to handmade work stations and art in every single direction it’s built to be a home to effortless creation. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing effortless about what goes on here but if you’ve ever had the opportunity to watch Jeremy move around the shop he has a method to the madness and it allows a ton of work to look like it’s all strategically planned because it truly is.

What personally draws me to his work is the use of one off pieces that would take a lot of man hours to replicate if it’s even possible to do so. I have no choice but to be in awe that if I go home with something from him it’s custom made for me and fits exactly what I want it to do and if I wanted another it may not happen. From the ornate metal work from who knows wear to the random pieces of wood in that area there or that area over there it’s a maze of pieces he uses to construct functional art that is 100% unique.

So besides some badass lights and art pieces there is a part of the business that really excites my photography side and for you readers of this blog you just might have to replace some items on your walls after looking at the pics below. You can go all over town and find custom frames and Jeremy even offers those great standard framing and matte options right there in the shop but what they have over everyone else are these incredible, sometimes uber ornate or simply plain, beautiful completely custom made frames. I have seen countless artists in the area use MainfraiM as their go to killer frame place and you will see why you should go there right now and get a real frame for your favorite print/painting/random item to truly showcase it. Literally, when I was in the shop snagging photos I sat there staring at the frames in awe.

There really isn’t much else I can say since you have to see all the awesome to truly appreciate it all. If you’d like to own some of these pieces hit up MainfraiM on their site and make sure to like them on Facebook immediately so you can see the new goodies as soon as they leave the shop. Enjoy the pics and share often 🙂

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