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It’s been an amazing couple weeks getting the new sites up and running plus the added bonus of snagging some sweet photos and blogging it up. Last night was my first chance to get out in public and enjoy the festivities so I packed up my camera gear and hit 4 art shows with my friends and took in the scenery while braving the cold winter air.

First stop on the Downtown tour happens to be a fun little coffee shop that makes killer food as well. Wired Cafe was hosting the artistic likes of our mayor Larry Morrissey, Daniel McMahon, Jesus Correa, Andy Whorehall, Jason Vaughn and ya’ll better remember Jeremy Klonicki from MainfraiM. I showed up a bit late so the shop was in cleanup mode but I checked my facebook and saw there was plenty of life checking out the works before I arrived. The premise was an Instagram show with small square prints all in some badass frames made by Jeremy himself. You may have noticed the familiar frames in this post earlier in the week. It’s pretty sweet realizing that all the art hung was taken and edited right on a phone. Mad props for anyone who is willing to give up the ability a super expensive camera will give you for that of the convenience of a cell phone.

Our second stop was Kryptonite for Sarah Hoey’s amazing self-portrait photography show. Featuring her whimsically dark yet amazingly mysterious works it was a great show that truly looked into the mind of an artist. Kryptonite always has great artists come through and as per the usual this was a great show plus the added bonus of meeting up with some great photography buddies made the experience extra fantastic. If you haven’t had the enjoyment that is Sarah’s work then hop over to her facebook photography page and enjoy the show.

Stop number three was a short one to say a quick hello to DJ Has who was rocking the show and to see some friends pieces before we hit the last spot. If you’ve never heard of or been to JR Kortman Center for Design then head to the net, find the address while checking out a date for a show and finish it up by heading down there and see it in person.

Our final landing spot was a neat little place called Parthenios. The team of Our City, Our Story featuring Pablo Korona took the old rundown diner and converted it into a pop up art show. What is a pop up art show you ask? ¬†Basically it pops up and you come on in and then it’s off to another location. Even though it was near closing time the place was packed, the beer was plentiful and the smiles were everywhere. The crew from Team Fur Bandit was there showing off some furry bicycles and staying warm before their subzero ride the following morning. The featured artists included Ryan Davis, Dan Crevistan, SR Brandon, Yunkin K, Jeremy Klonicki, Mindy Joy Nutter Young, Sarah Reed McNamara and Jamie Kasper and they all did a stunning job. I wish I took a few more photos here but it seemed like everywhere I turned I’d find someone I knew and chatted the night away.

All in all a fantastic night and it was great seeing all the people out enjoying the art and having a great time. If you didn’t hear about these shows and feel sad for missing out, which you all should, then get on facebook and make sure you look out for more shows. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to post more about our local scene so you can all have a chance to come out and enjoy.

Whether you missed out or not check out the images below and make sure to connect with the artists and get out to downtown Rockford to see some art in the near future!

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