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Simply Silly – The Thammavong Ladies – Downtown Rockford

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One day, two shoots and plenty of smiles were going all around Downtown Rockford on Sunday. Earlier in the day I had a gorgeous family session as you can see in the blog directly before this one and to finish up my day I was asked to snap some photos of a tribe of ladies all related by the same last name… which I suppose means they are related.

It was cold, the ladies had dresses and heels, while my gorgeous self wore a coat, gloves, hat and pants, which kept me fairly warm throughout the shoot. I really did feel bad for the ladies because mother nature seems to be cheating on us with Jack Frost as of late. The warmth will come but this shoot had to happen before it since one of the ladies is moving to San Diego next week. With urgency in mind we worked as a team to stay positive in the negative temps. I really need to stop writing when I’m slightly tired…

We rocked the session on the docks behind the Prairie Street Brewhouse and eventually ended up under the Jefferson Street bridge. Why the downtown locations? Heels. I had mentally planned a shoot at the park but sadly the snow, mud and general grossness of the ground would make it nearly impossible to stand anywhere at the parks here in town. Well, at least at the places where great photos can happen in the parks here in town.

In all the team of ten trudged on through the cold but amazingly sunny day with smiles and laughter. I was for sure we’d lose one of them to the cold but they were tougher than I thought. I think I was scared for my life at one point being surrounded by these ladies.

Thank you ladies for working hard for these pictures and next time lets go visit our gal in San Diego for the pics. I’ll even buy the mimosa’s. Pics below or it didn’t happen.

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