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Tammy + Dean | Rockford, Il Wedding

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A fantastic day for a wedding in Rockford with a beautiful couple in Tammy and Dean.

These two lovebirds met at their job, Gleason Cutting Tools, many moons ago. They work together, the live together and they walk down the aisle… not together but you get what I’m saying. Now this isn’t a wedding that was in my books until the wednesday prior to the Saturday event and for a circumstance that truly gets to my heart.

My good friend and fellow photographer, Mitch Viren, was diagnosed with Leukemia and has been rock solid going through the process of getting healthy again. Once he found out he reached out anyone willing and able to take his place behind a camera so when my name was drawn from the hat I took to the task. If you’d like to support Mitch, his wife Holly and their little guy Harrison his friends have begun a GoFundMe campaign to raise some capital in order to make it through the tough times while Mitch isn’t able to work so please go here and help them out if you can. Mitch, you will kick this things butt and we will be riding our bicycles together very soon!

Since I had no establishing meetings with Tammy and or Dean this wedding was a little different than normal… mostly the fact that on the day I had no idea who was who besides one groomsmen that I knew because he was a groom in another wedding I did a couple years back. Hi Rob!!! So basically the plan was to arrive early, snag setup shots, meet with the couple an then rock. Thanks to Mindy, from Mindy Joy Photography, I had a second, third and fourth hand in making sure the ceremony was covered and that the bride and groom got all the pics they deserved. Mad props to you miss Mindy! The Ceremony went super smooth, we rocked the formals at Rock Cut and eventually made it down to the Forest Hills Lodge for the reception.

From the beginning to the end everyone involved with the wedding made me feel like family and even though we had no interaction prior to the wedding date I didn’t feel out of place for a single second. Thank you Tammy and Dean and all of your crazy bridal party for being such a wonderful group of individuals. It was an awesome day and I appreciate you letting me fill in for Mitch at the lat moment.

Enough words for now so let’s see some pics!

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