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Welcome to the Family – MacBook Pro

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I apologize to all the loyal readers out there for the lack of cool things for you to have read on the site all week but I had a very sad April Fools day prank. My trusted editing machine of 3.5 years finally decided to call it quits after being my workhorse that I’ve abused physically and verbally since I’ve owned it. I’ll miss the ole girl but it meant that I got the pleasure of ordering a brand new laptop and I’ve been waiting ever so patiently for it.

Today was the day I finally got to shake hands with my FedEx man and embrace my new machine. I pretended he was Santa and left cookies and milk out while I pretended to sleep under the covers. He arrived early enough for me to quickly get the machine up and running so I can edit the two shoots I had earlier this week. Thank you Bygone and Brooke for letting me slide a little bit on my turnaround time. You are saints.

As soon as the white box arrived I signed my life away to the FedEx man and quickly grabbed the sharpest object I coudl to pry open the packaging being careful not to damage anything of course. Once open I waited for about an hour so the machine could acclimate to the warmer temperatures of my home. Btw, you should never turn on a machine as soon as you receive it if the outdoor temperature is by any means cold. After she got up and running I quickly got the essential software installed and here I am typing this up so you have something to read while I finish some edits.

I do have a few revealing things to mention about this whole experience. Thank goodness I’m awesome at backing up my stuff and boy does Apple’s new retina display rock! The most important topic I’d like to mention is the fact that without a computer a modern photographer is only 50% there. Without this gorgeous all aluminum, plastic and glass beast I couldn’t edit anything, I couldn’t upload images for clients, the blog went dry, which all brings me to say I can’t do my job without one. Thankfully I buy the good stuff that lasts and that a new one is only a three day wait unless I wanted to go to Best Buy. To crush this problem in the future I’m ordering an iMac as soon as a good deal hits the market that way I’m not completely without a blogging, editing and uploading machine in the future.

Enough of the words I need to get back to work – work so until the next blog post feel free to enjoy some of the eye candy that I took of my new retina mac with all the fixins’.

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