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Welcome to the family – Moo Cards

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It’s always fun getting mail at the house since it’s usually something photography related be it a lens or new camera but today we have something in the marketing department finally arrive.

My typical stance on marketing is to not spend any money on it unless you know the return is awesome. So basically I don’t spend money on marketing. I know you’re all like, “what?!” I literally use facebook and make sure my site ranks well with google and cross my fingers that my photography sells itself. So far that system works really really well but there are a few things that I need to work on.

Step one was finally settling on a business card design and style. I love simple so the card had to be a reflection of that. Matte, thick, two colors and a nice front and back design. For those moments where I’m chatting and someone asks for one or for my info I’m finally prepared to hand them something awesome. This card is a Luxe card. She is super thick, feels great and definitely sets an impression once handed to someone. Pricey, but totally worth it.

One of the worst feelings I have in a business type conversation is being handed a flimsy and poorly designed card from let’s say a bargain basement card place. Sure it’s just a card and it’s only supposed to be used for the exchange of information but in my mind it’s also an extension of your business. The higher quality the product the better the card should be within reasonable limits. I was looking at some gorgeous letterpress cards but it would honestly be cheaper to hand someone a dollar bill with your info on it than a quality letterpress card. Yes it’s over a dollar a card and yes one day I will rock them once I’m at the right point.

Ordering these quality cards also made me thing about my photo delivery system that I’ve been using and I’m happy to announce that I’ve finally solved it and all the pieces have arrived so expect another blog shortly featuring the awesomeness that is a unique file delivery system that is simple and beautiful.

Well that was a lot of verbiage for a piece of paper but I’m bored writing here inside while I can’t play outside with this temperamental midwest weather. Sunshine and warm weather where are you?!

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