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Welcome to the Family – Nikon 105mm 2.8 Macro

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Another new series I’m going to have here on the blog is sharing my gear and tips with everyone and all and we are starting with my fresh new but used purchase of the Nikon 105mm f2.8 Macro.

I’m definitely a gear nut like most photographers and with that responsibility when I see something I think I need I make sure to go home with it, play with it until I’m bored and hopefully end up using it at a shoot. If you missed an article I wrote about shopping local the other day I decided to make a trip to Camera Craft after my lunch at my favorite lunch place in Rockford, India House, today and I was pleasantly surprised. I always check out their used counter as I’ve found some key pieces I’ve added to my collection of gear over the years. I believe my last used purchase from them was a fine 55mm 3.5 macro, which I sold recently because I knew I wanted something nicer for weddings this season.

As I scanned the counter my eyes locked on an old gem glistening in the bottom corner. Out from the depths came a beautiful Nikon 105mm Macro that had been replaced many moons ago by the Nikon 105mm 2.8 VR Macro, which my father currently uses and I actually used to own back in the day. The newer lens has the fancy VR (Vibration Reduction) function, Nano Crystal Coating and of course it’s built like a tank, but with glass, metal and plastic. This older lens has none of those features, except the metal and plastic but has the one feature I did want which is a focus limiter so it’s not hunting throughout it’s entire focus range to lock on to subjects. What the older lens has that’s even better is a price tag 1/3 of the new guy and it’s also a teeny bit lighter and smaller.

The team at Camera Craft obliged my request to test the lens on a store camera so I took about 10 photos, double checked my brain because I had an entirely different purchase in mind, and handed them my debit card. Thank you local camera store!

Check it out in all her glory and even a few test shots that include my darling little doggie Chico! Welcome to my family Mackenzie.

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So why do I need a macro lens? I honestly used to photograph awesome little creatures before weddings so in my former photography life I needed the close focus range to capture insects and life that you normally don’t get close enough to appreciate.

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So why do I need this macro lens now? I’ve been using a fully manual macro for some time because honestly I only pull this thing out for like 10 photos on the wedding day so having a $900+ lens just for that isn’t worth while. I was almost going to pick up a set of extension tubes and call it a day or even get the ever amazing Sigma 105mm 2.8 VS Macro but I couldn’t pass up a deal this good for such a great piece of glass. My thinking is with the 105mm focal length is that I get a bonus portrait lens and amazing macro lens for my detail shots including flowers, rings and dresses.

Once I get to really play with this lens I will do a full review and maybe change your mind on your next lens purchase. For now have a look see at some of my wedding detail shots that I took with my old manual focus lens and stay tuned for new detail shots using Mackenzie.

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