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Welcome to the Family – Nikon 45mm Tilt & Shift (PC-E)

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Ahhhhhhhh I’m pretty much the most excited I’ve ever been cause I finally have my very own 45mm Tilt and Shift lens! For those of you who know what this lens is then you totally understand where I’m coming from and for those who don’t it’s basically a super awesome and unique lens.

I don’t have a ton of time to write this up and thankfully UPS showed up early so I did have a second to snap a few photos and even take a couple test shots of my dog Chico… even though he hates having his picture taken.

So for those who don’t know what a Tilt and Shift lens is I’m going to be as none geek speak as possible and basically explain that this lens can be manipulated by moving dials on the body of itself to either tilt or shift it’s perspective. Why? Tilting allows the photographer to move the focal plane, what is in focus, without actually moving the camera. This is helpful so you can either selectively focus on your subject or selectively remove objects by blurring them out on purpose. Shifting basically fixes distortion when photographing a subject. A good example of this would be photographing a skyscraper where most lenses would distort the building and make it look really large at the bottom and really tiny at the top this lens can shift the subject very very close to being it’s true shape without having to be in a helicopter and photographing it straight on.

So as a portrait photographer why would I need a lens like this? Subject isolation is my main purpose. I want my subject(s) to stand out and this lens helps do that in a unique and creative way. It’s ability to render the subject and transform what is in focus makes the images look very unique and surprisingly awesome!

I’ll have more in depth information on the lens at a later time and I may be swayed to create a video on using it on the field with tons of example photos. For now take a look at how pretty it is and how pretty Chico is đŸ™‚

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