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Welcome to the Family – Nikon MB-D14

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Lunch and camera gear shopping on a wonderfully sunny Wednesday afternoon, yes please! Earlier today I was doing that facebook thing where you wake up and you’re like, “I should check my facebook,” and all of a sudden something actually caught my eye. You may remember my posts about shopping local well Lundgren’s is running a two day special where any accessory is 20% off which sadly excludes cameras, lenses and flashes but there are all sorts of toys for us photographers so I stopped in for a peek.

If you don’t know I rock two cameras at all times and in fact own 3 camera bodies for those just in case moments in order to protect my clients investment with me. I’m currently running two Nikon D610s one with grip and one without in order to save some weight during those long shoot days while a D600 sits in a bag waiting for it’s chance see daylight if an emergency situation arises. That whole one with grip and one without deal ended today once I stopped at Lundgren’s and walked out with a shiny new Nikon MB-D10 grip.

I’ve always owned camera bodies that need an add-on grip to grow into that full sized beast. Basically the price for a body that already is giant runs $5,500 new in the Nikon camp so a D4(s) really isn’t feasible when I must have multiple bodies and legitimate backups for wedding day work. Now don’t get me wrong, I want a Nikon D4 and wouldn’t mind having 3 of them but the reality is that the $6,000 I have invested in camera bodies alone is actually better than the owning $16,500 worth of camera bodies. How so? The style I shoot and what I shoot determines what I truly need for photography. At 24 megapixels and having the best dynamic range out of any camera in the price range and even topping the D4 how could I go wrong when 3 bodies cost me just slightly over the price of one. Sure it’s not a D800 but if you’ve ever shot a wedding at 36 megapixels and wonder why you are editing 50-60MB files you’ll understand that even though it takes great pictures it’s just not well suited for how I shoot. If I did more standard portrait work or landscapes I would love me a D800 and I still feel like ordering one just for certain gigs, but man once you’ve seen what the Nikon D610 can produce it doesn’t matter.

So why the grip? I have big man hands! If you’ve never met me I’m a compact looking lumberjack with giant meaty claws that were not meant for delicate work. It’s great for deep tissue massages and making steak ever so tender but it also means cameras feel tiny unless they have a grip. Heck as an added bonus it also means I am running two batteries at once and can shoot twice as long.

Two cameras, two grips, two beasts to make sure everything is comfy on your most important moments. Thank you Lundgren’s for the awesome deal and if you haven’t been there get out there and get that accessory you’ve been looking for right now. I’m ecstatic that my giant man claws can now feel comfortable all wedding day on my secondary camera.

On a note of camera gear I am two lenses away from my dream wedding kit and will have one of those two in my hands within the next couple weeks so stay tuned for one more and maybe I’ll do a “what’s in my bag” post and chat a little about what I carry in my bag and why.

Till then I’m going to enjoy the comfort of this grip on body numero dos!

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