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Welcome to the Family | Wotancraft Scout Bag

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Every photographer needs a good bag but the problem is there are millions of good bags and even some great bags but the amount of good or great bags that do exactly what you need just don’t seem to exist. If you ask any photographer they probably own about 5-10 bags because this is something so personal but also something that has to do so much. So began the hunt and after numerous trials, camera store visits, snagging bags from friends to look at and scrutinize over I think I found the perfect blend that I needed. Thankfully a man named Mark Molencupp pointed me towards the light and I finally got my overseas delivery from Wotancraft just last weeekend.

Sure every photographer has an ONA bag now and they are great bags. Heck Luis Hermosillo has an ONA bag and it’s beast, but for the price it’s too small for my needs and the one that would fit my needs is really really expensive even though the quality is that good it wasn’t what I was looking for. Plus I have a little bit of ego when it comes to not owning what all the others are owning sooooo yeah that fed into it a bit.

A small bag, small enough to sit on my shoulder and not weigh me down but also to hold just 3 lenses, 2 memory card wallets and 2 spare batteries. That’s is. Period. Honestly, that’s been one of the most difficult bag sizes to find anything worth while in from any brand. They are either too small or too big or too cheap or priced in the $300+ range or worse they are some rainbow tropic color or plain black, but aren’t even waterproof or built that well when they do fit my needs. Domke, Think Tank, Crumpler, Timbuktu, ONA, etcetera upon etcetera were all candidates for what had to hold so little but also had to look good and do it correctly for the right price. As much as I like to spend money on gear a bag just holds that gear and I don’t mind spending $300-$500 for a bag if it’s the perfect bag and I only have to buy it once, but like anything they just aren’t made to last or just don’t do what you need them to do so I’m not going to spend more than I have to. The ONA Brixton was the closest and I even got to feel and touch one but sadly for the $300 price tag the build quality wasn’t what I hoped for. Don’t get me wrong it’s an amazing bag but it’s not a $300 amazing bag. Now I didn’t think that initially because it felt like a refined Domke bag and was very well built, with the fine waxed canvas and leather accents. It all changed once I got to feel, touch, hold a Wotancraft bag thanks to my friend and fellow photographer Mark. Thanks Mark!

Double thick canvas, double stitched with thick thread, super supple and smooth waxed canvas that doesn’t scratch and get all hazy with use, amazingly durable and well tanned cracked leather with all the accent metals antiqued and made of brass or steel. It’s basically the nicest bag you’ve touched but just that much nicer. As an added bonus the inner liner that is removable, like so many bags like it, is crafted from hovercraft grade rubber and once you’ve zippered it shut is actually submersible in liquid, which is completely unlike any bag ever made. So not only is the outside of the bag weatherproofed, thanks to the military grade waxed canvas, but the inner liner can be zipped up and is waterproof and submersible. The attention to detail is amazing and one of my favorite features in the metal snaps are mounted on a piece of aged tanned leather that gives room for your fingers to get under and securely close the snaps.

So how much is this masterpiece? $300? $400? $500?! Nope. This bag is actually $100 cheaper than the ONA equivalent and comes in at $209 with a small $15 shipping fee from Asia. The order process was a little different since these are all handmade I literally emailed them in early june and they told me a batch would be ready by early July and would ship then. Once it came in to stock they emailed me and asked if I’d still like the bag, I agreed and the sent me an invoice and viola the bag was shipped next day to the good ole USA.

Should I go get one of these bags now? Probably not unless you have a need for something like it. Bags are so personal but I will say the craftsmanship and quality is superior to anything else I’ve had my hands on with these same materials in use. It feels, looks and works better. Check it out in the pics and if you have other questions on it let me know!

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  • September 13, 2014 - 8:49 pm

    justin - hi. where u got the price tag of usd$209 in july 2014.